Apex Cinema Identity Sign

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Apex Cinema Identity Sign
Apex Cinema Identity Sign Description

Apex Cinema Identity Sign

The Apex Sign is an authentic cinema sign that provides a unique, two-sided, angular design. Perfect for those with limited horizontal space.

* Projection Mount
* Double Sided
* Illuminated
* Material: Anodized Aluminum
* Sign bottom and top are closed

1 internal florescent light illuminates the backlit CINEMA letters through white plexiglass behind the aluminum cut-outs.

Electrical Wiring:
'Hardwired' for Direct Wiring into your AC power lines by a qualified electrician. Recommended to have the wires run to an in-wall light switch as an On/Off power switch is not available.

Screw directly through the metal back into wall stud for a professional, flush mount.

Approximate Size:
Dimensions: 8 1/2" W x 26" H x 6 3/4" D
Weight: 25 pounds

Select From 5 Finishes:
Satin Silver
Satin Gold
Polished Silver
Polished Gold

"CINEMA" inserts (sides around the letters) can be a different finish from the case finish for a unique two-tone appearance.
Since "CINEMA" is backlit with a whitish light coming out, it will look much better if you choose a Gold or Black Finish to add contrast with the letters as Silver is too light to provide enough contrast.

Each sign is custom made, so you are guaranteed a unique sign that will prominently distinguish your home theater from the rest of the crowd.

NOTE: Only available with the word "CINEMA" on each side.

Typically ships in 7-14 business days.