Bass Loc Movie Poster Frame

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Bass Loc Movie Poster Frame
Bass Loc Movie Poster Frame Description

Bass Loc Poster Frame

This standard movie poster frame is available in 5 finishes. All 4 angled sides flip-up to front-load movie posters with ease!

Sturdy back provides rigidity to help keep your movie posters flat and protected!

* Extruded anodized frame
* Front-Loading poster frame
* All four sides of frame snap open for fast, easy installation of flexible or rigid posters

28" x 42" x 1"

Satin silver, satin gold, polished silver, polished gold or black

Wall mount (screw through back of frame into wall stud or use suitable drywall anchors)

Includes Crystal Clear styrene plastic Poster Protector/Enhancer
Optional Lexan sheet protector

Holds Standard 27"x40"/41" Movie Posters. Posters not included.

Custom-made and ready-to-hang. Typically ships in 5-15 business days via Ground Freight.