Blockbuster Home Theater Rug Multi-Colored

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Blockbuster Home Theater Rug Multi-Colored
Blockbuster Home Theater Rug Multi-Colored Description

Blockbuster Home Theater Rug Multi-Colored

The multi-colored "Blockbuster" rug is perfect when you simply can't figure out which color you prefer in your home theater!  Or, it could be the perfect color because you like all of the different colors represented equally.  This fun and festive rug has cinema written all over it.  Literally!  The popular design of the Blockbuster includes images of film reels, cameras, and director's clapboards.  This rug is available in a variety of sizes so you can be sure that your home theater's floor is covered appropriately.  The materials used to make this rug include some of the finest on the market and the workmanship as well as the lifetime limited can't be beat!



* Construction: 100% STAINMASTER® Nylon

* Machine-tufted cut pile construction

* Traffic Rating: Residential or commercial

* Dye Method: Printed

* Antistain/Anti-soilTreatment: STAINMASTER® Nylon with LotusFX Fiber Shield™

* Antimicrobial Treatment: Impervion® Mold and Mildew Protection

* Serging: Bound and serged for maximum durability

* Flammability Rating: Class I

* Maintenance: Hot water extraction - Vacuum regularly

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