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Go from Dark & Dingy to A Sophisticated & Dudetastic Man Cave Media Room



Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the 2014 NFL kickoff and the season is finally here! Not all of us can go to the games to watch the fun first-hand, but we certainly can watch it from the comfort of our own home.

If you were to dream up the coolest home theater room to watch your favorite sports team play, you can easily go from ordinary to extraordinary before you invite the guys over to your Ultimate Man Cave Media Room! Turn on your favorite sporting event, because you’ll never want to leave this room...we promise!

Whether their passion is sports, grilling, cars, classic arcade games, or rock n’ roll, men need a space free of frilly throw pillows, matching drapes and flowery candles. Ladies, let your man have a special space for his favorite beer, memorabilia and home theater decor with a man cave designed just for him and his interests.

Transform that space into a football fanatic’s haven with masculine interior decor for theater rooms from HT Mart. Surround that 106-inch flat screen with leather theater-style seats and bonus pub seating give the room a decidedly masculine feel. This one-of-a-kind space for the man of the house goes way beyond cool. Pick out the perfect leather recliners for your man and his buddies.

Artisan Illustrious Home Theater Lounger

Elegant and curvy describes these beautiful seats with a popular one-piece leg-rest design.  42-inch wide chairs with 9-inch wide arms add to the comfort level! 


If you aren’t drooling yet, check your pulse! This hangout room is where your man and his friends will relax and get happy. 

Hasselhoff Home Bar

This exquisite home bar features integrated bottle racks and stemware racks for organizational simplicity!  Glass shelves and a chrome footrest add to the distinctive look of this bar available in 5 finishes.

His man cave is ready to entertain with a home theater and pool table just a few steps away from the wine cellar and well-appointed bar.

Imagine, this pigskin paradise with your very own hot dog vending cart, too.

Hotdog Roller Grill

These high quality roller grills are available in 10, 20 & 30 hotdog capacities.  Stainless steel construction, removable drip trays, and non-stick rollers ensure ease of cleaning.  All of these grills feature a high-torque motor and are covered by a three-year manufacturer warranty.  360-degree roller rotation insures evenly cooked hotdogs. 

Game blacked out? Time to turn on the margarator for some refreshing margaritas in your rustic Man Cave! 

Nostalgia Electrics HSB-590 Margarator Stainless Steel

Be 'part' of the party! Now you can make a gallon of Margaritas or other frozen drinks at one time! Fill the Margarator with ice, Margarita Mix, and Tequila (or your favorite beverage mix and spirits). Secure the safety lid and flip the switch. In a matter of minutes you will have delicious and refreshing Margaritas! 

Of course you want complete control. Control of the remote is from your Rear Control Table. 

Rear Control Table for Home Theater AV Gear

Features a countertop table for placement and control of your home theater AV remotes. 

How about a modern, masculine take on vintage Hollywood style?

In your Staytainment Man Cave Media Room, does your style lean toward vintage and a sweet tooth? Are donuts and cotton candy a must in your theater room? Don’t fret. Satiate your sweet tooth with a cotton candy maker or a donut machine!

Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Commercial Cotton Candy Maker - Vintage Collection

This Nostalgic looking cotton candy maker resembles the early 1900's carnival and circus style cotton candy carts. Display with pride, and enjoy some good old fashioned carnival style fun! You can use a variety of flavored sugars which can be found on the Internet and at various stores in your local neighborhood. 

Automatic Mini Donut Factory (MDF200)

The AUTOMATIC MINI DONUT FACTORY from Nostalgia Electrics is more than just a donut maker - it's a complete donut factory that mixes, shapes and cooks batches of mini donuts in minutes!  Now you can cook hot and tasty mini donuts in your own kitchen! Your friends will enjoy watching the donuts travel down the donut slide into the donut bin.  Sprinkle with your favorite toppings (not included) such as sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa powder and people will keep coming back!

Man caves can be done with taste and class. If you’re in the market for a Media Man Cave, or trying to convince your other half that a secluded room in the house is just what you need - go for that media room for all things gaming and movie watching. We’re sure you will want to occasionally share your room with the family (along with donuts and cotton candy treats).


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