Using Drywall To Hide Your Home Theater Shell & Wiring

You've chosen your screen and projector, built your home theater shell, set up and wired in your sound and video system, and you are ready to bring this baby together with some drywall, paint, and acoustical panels. So let's get started!

Being handy with basic tools is usually important at this stage, so if you feel uncomfortable with this part, you can always get someone who knows a bit about basic structure building to help you, but really anyone who has a general knowledge of how to build things should be able to finish the project satisfactorily. 

One example of a great home theater build we found was from Tony at He offers a fantastic opportunity to see a home theater build in action and the comments section is GOLD! 


The truth is, many homeowners spend countless hours selecting home entertainment systems that carefully replicate the movie theater experience while neglecting to address the less "glamorous" part of a home theater, but while the audio and visual components are the stars of the media room, the bottom line is that incorporating the right walls into your home theater can make a major difference. 

So don't be afraid to do your research and get your hands a bit dirty. You won't regret it when you're sitting in your decked-out movie room having the time of your life!

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