HT Mart is constantly searching for ways to enhance and improve our inventory of home theater products, especially by adding high-quality items.  Recently, we teamed up with Goldberg Brothers, Inc. to increase our offerings and to expand our selection.  We've added products that we're confident will appeal to our valuable customers and their home theaters.

Goldberg Brothers, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of specialty hardware and theater decor products for both residential as well as industrial applications for over 100 years.  Their high-quality authentic cinema products including film reels, theater doors, lighting equipment, and other various accessories are not simply replicas; they're designed for actual use and years of it, too!

Goldberg Brothers, Inc. also carries some of the finest novelties on the market that are made to improve the look and feel of any home theater while being used as functioning pieces of art!  HT Mart is pleased to offer fine Goldberg Brothers products that we know you will enjoy for years to come.

So, what are some of the new products that we are proud to now carry?  Click on the bolded names below for links to the product pages!


Wall Clocks

These authentic film reel wall clocks are available in five different sizes as well as beautiful finishes including silver, chrome, and black. They are made from genuine 35mm film reels that have been re-designed meticulously machined and are not only durable timepieces, they're works of art, too!


Weather Stations

Made with a genuine movie reel and a replica movie reel base, each of these these attractive weather stations feature a barometer, a thermometer, a hygrometer, and a clock.  They are perfect for desks, shelves, mantels, and tables and look great in any room!


Wine Racks

The perfect display for your favorite wines, Goldberg Brothers' wine racks are designed for use not only in your home theater, but in your kitchen or wine cellar as well!  Holding up to six bottles of your favorite wines, these wine racks are available in colors ranging from silver, chrome, black, and the ever-popular 24k gold.


Straight Shelves Corner Shelves

Great for any home theater, these authentic shelves are actual cutouts of replica film reels.  Movie buffs will all agree that these shelves, whether corner or straight model, are the perfect complement to any film-lover's home.  Choose from a variety of colors including black, silver, chrome, gold vein, copper vein, and silver vein.


Box Office Mirrors

As close to the real thing as you can get without an actual ticket booth and attendant!  Wow your guests with an authentic box office mirror.  Our mirror comes in a variety of finishes, with or without a frame.  It's the perfect complement to any home theater! 

                        Beautiful 24k Gold 

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