It's been a long time coming here at HT Mart, that's for sure.  But when you think of home theaters, what really helps create a cinematic atmosphere besides a big screen and comfortable seating?  Is it endless accessory upon accessory that occasionally just seem to take up space?  Sometimes the simplest of decorations and accessories can have the biggest effect.  Appropriate carpeting can really set the mood of your movie room and enhance any viewer's experience.

The coolest thing about any personal home theater is that it's just that: personal.  That means you can do whatever you want to make it special.  And of course, while "special" has different meanings to everyone, however you feel like decorating your theater, you can't go wrong.  Luckily, Home Theater Mart's wide selection of rugs and carpets provides an assortment of theater-themed flooring options that truly provide the base of your home theater experience.  Don't feel like installing carpet in an entire room?  No problem!  Our rugs are available in a variety of sizes ranging up to 10' 9" x  13' 2".

From simply-stated designs to artsy, elaborate ones that seem to tell a story, rest assured that there are no shortage of options.  You'll get it right, because honestly, there is no wrong!

Browse through HT Mart's collection of available  rugs and carpet and find the flooring that's right for you and your home theater!  Or, at least take a look and get some ideas about how you'd like to start decorating your theater.  Below are a few samples of some of our most popular design choices:

Silver Screen Design
Admit One Design
Cinema Design

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