The signing of the Declaration of Independence, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the invention of Gutenberg's printing press, The Wright brothers famous flight, the birth of the internet.  All great accomplishments in human history. And now, April 15th, 2014 can be remembered as one of those truly memorable moments: Ht Mart has gone live with their new website!

Ok, so maybe it's not as important of these events in the eyes of the world, but for HT Mart, it's a pretty big deal.

"It's been a long time coming," says Mike Eslinger of HT Mart. "We've been working on it for what seems like an eternity. But, we're glad that the release is finally here and we hope that our customers enjoy the new look of the site as well as the easy ordering process."

The new site is still somewhat of a work in progress but Eslinger is convinced it won't be an issue: "Oh yeah, we'll constantly be making tweaks and changes here and there, but it won't affect the customer experience.  We'll be doing things behind-the-scenes on our end so that customers can enjoy our website and browse and purchase items quickly and easily.  We also hope to add more products and expand our offerings, making our site a one-stop shop for everything home theater related."

An improved design including a simpler layout, larger images, as well as a blog, links to new social media profiles, and the introduction of FREE ground shipping on all products highlight the new website.  "We definitely think that our customers are going to like this new approach.  Shipping costs factor greatly into the buying process for many of our customers, and providing free ground shipping takes the worry out of it," Eslinger says.  "Our customers don't even need a minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping.  So, it doesn't matter if they buy a $12 keychain or a $10,000 set of luxury theater chairs, they're still getting a great deal."

As far as social media goes, HT Mart hopes to be more involved in that particular arena and wants to start conversations and keep them going, involving anyone with a love for home theater products and accessories.  Look for HT Mart to be increasingly active on these networks and increase its presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest among others.

Today is a big day indeed for home theater accessory leader HT Mart.  Do yourself a favor and check out the new website today!  You'll find it visually appealing, easy to navigate, and best of all, fun to see all of the available home theater products, accessories and novelties!  

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