Wow Your Friends With The Coolest Fiber Optic Stars Panels Only The Best Home Theater Designers Know About!

An interview with Stellar Sky Systems--the company that is making fiber optic lighting in your home more accessible than you ever thought possible.  


With people using the home as a place to work and entertain now more than ever, designing a comfortable space to escape the drudge of adulting is something that is on a lot of people's mind, and while HGTV can make it look like a quick trip to Home Depot will reward you with a social media wowing masterpiece---the truth is that a poorly designed movie room can turn your weekend project into a movie room dud. 

Let’s be honest, when designing a home theater, the “wowier” the better. That is why our team is always looking for ways to make your home theater “pop!” so you can wow your friends, family… heck maybe even the president!

One of the top enhancements Ht Mart recommends to really bring out the wow factor in a basic home theater is fiber optic star panels, and when our team first spotted these incredible high quality fiber optic enhanced acoustic panels from Stellar Sky Systems, it was an obvious choice to partner with them so we could bring  the best of the best to our customers!

I mean really, shooting stars, fireworks, and pixie dust… these are the sights that could be captivating you and your guests with jaw dropping aww when you add one of these amazing acoustic panels from Stellar Sky Systems, fully enhanced with fiber optics, a magnetic mounting system, controller with multiple modes, timer, and much more!

So how can you get started stargazing in your own living room or home theater? 

Recently, I sat down for an interview with Melissa Yakimetz from Stellar Sky Systems to ask her a few questions about investing in acoustic panels with fiber optic lighting for a home theater build. 

Be sure to check out the shortened interview on the HT Mart YouTube channel found HERE. For now though, let’s cover a few excerpts from our interview to cover a few need-to-know facts before you buy fiber optic acoustic panels. 

  • How easy is it to get started with fiber optic lighting?

    Speaking with Melissa, I got the sense that even though they offer pre-built units, that there are a wide variety of applications that are possible. For example it was interesting hearing about the different kinds of materials, colors, and styles that are available for use in various applications. 

    Luis (03:57):

    Now, Melissa, I have always loved fiber optic lights, but I've never had one. And I'm really thinking about installing some at one of my new investment properties, because I just wanted to have this amazing home theater in this killer Airbnb I'm going to set up. I have a question for you though. What options do I have when it comes to getting started? Do you only carry pre built acoustic panels or would I have customization options?

    Melissa (04:27):

    “We have tried to stick with one a inch panel, but we do have starter kits available where you can design your own Starfield and use any material that you like or any material that suits you (or your project) the best… even if it's a piece of wood that you paint black, you can design your own Starfield and put an attachment to your ceiling…

    We also have fabric color choices available. The standard is the black fabric to emulate the night sky, but we've also done white panels for our Miami clients because everything is bright, white and glossy down there. 

    [Honestly], the white panels are really, really nice. They're beautiful. We've also done a few colored panels for nurseries, (so like light grays, like blues.)  and now with printed fabric available, the options are endless!...

    Luis  (06:02):

    Wow. That sounds amazing.

    Melissa (06:05):

    Yeah. Imagine a bridge printed on a panel with some fiber optics to light up the lights and really create a really awesome... and realistic effect.

  • Do I need a Professional to Install my Panels for me?

    Maybe it is just me reliving trauma from home improvement projects from the past, but everytime I see a super cool home improvement project, all I can think of is how many different ways installation could go wrong or be difficult. While paying a professional for installation is not a problem for me, what would be a problem would be the unexpected hassle of having to call in help when I swore I could DIY something myself.

    Luis (15:53):

    Alright. So Melissa, one of the things that's really attracted me to your mounting system is the fact that where I live, it's really difficult to get good help. So if I could get something that would help me save the labor of having to hire somebody else do it, I'm all for it.  Will I need a professional to install this for me?

    Melissa (16:38):

    While some people do have a professional do the installation for convenience sake, most any one could do the installation. 

  • How Difficult is it to Install Your Acoustic Panels from Stellar Sky Systems?

    This far into the interview with Melissa, and I was thinking to myself, “wow these panels sound amazing… but I have a back condition and cannot hold heavy objects up for long. How could Stellar Sky make installing acoustic panels easy for me?”

    Luis  (06:15):

    You know, I'm a real do it myself or kind of guy, right? I like to get out there on the weekends, get my hands dirty. [and you mentioned I wouldn’t have to have a professional install it earlier, but I just have to make sure I understand... Is this going to be something that is going to be difficult to install?]

    Melissa (06:31):

    You can do it yourself. As long as you're well well-skilled with a tape measure & drill and you have some helping hands. It's definitely something that you can do yourself. 

    The system is pretty easy to set up, and we have a magnetic mounting system that really reduces the time of installation.

    [This means] you have a mounting template that comes with every order, [and all you have to do is] screw in your magnets to your ceiling, pop your panel up to the ceiling, and you're done!...

  • Why Buy a Stellar Sky Systems Fiber Optic Lighting System from HT Mart? 

    Getting the right kind of help on a project can make all the difference. Now that offers lighting panels from Stellar Sky Systems, I asked Melissa, “Why buy from” 

    Melissa (13:38):

    Our product is similar to a lot of other products on the market. There are plug and play systems similar to ours. However, our system is unmatched with controllability and quality. We have a lot of added features that our competitors don't…

    We have also really taken the time to engineer and craft our mounting system. Whereas other competitors have rushed theirs to market which have caused issues we've heard about.

     I definitely think the time that we've invested (in creating a quality product and easy installation) has been a really great thing for our customers... and between the team at HT Mart and the team at Stellar Sky Systems, [our customers] are covered 100% of the way. 


    The first time I saw fiber optic lighting was in 2003. Since then, technology has greatly improved and so has the craftsmanship at companies like Stellar Sky Systems!

    These panels are so easy to install and the applications so numerous, that regardless of whether you are looking for mood lighting for your home theater, office space, man cave, or special project, Stellar Sky Systems is the only way to go.

    There is no better time than now to invest in acoustic lighting panels, and the team here at HTMart are convinced that Stellar Sky Systems offers the highest quality and easiest to install panels on the market. In our opinion, this makes Stellar Sky Systems the #1 best acoustic panel on the market and once you have them mounted in your new stunning theater room… We know you will agree!

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