Home Theater Candy Concession Case

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Home Theater Candy Concession Case
Home Theater Candy Concession Case Description

Candy Master Case

This lockable candy case features glass shelves, a hinged glass door, and interior lighting.

Buy 1 or more and make a whole concession stand row of cases as shown in the illustration below.

Build a wood cabinet and install it yourself, or hire a home theater installer to do the job for you.

Can also be installed in-wall with the proper framing, mounting support and proper wiring.

You will need to supply the mounting cabinet as this case is designed to be recessed into a counter for displaying the type of candy you offer for sale. The back of the cabinet should have either drawers or shelves for storing the candy that is sold.

Available in 4 different finishes:
Satin Silver
Satin Gold
Polished Silver
Polished Gold

* Heavy extruded anodized aluminum case frame (5 3/8" deep)
* Recessed glass door (1 1/2" face)
* Cylinder lock with two keys
* Full length piano hinge
* Metal back
* Integral perimeter mini-fluorescent lighting on left-and-right sides
* Built-in 1 7/8" aluminum flange with 1" overlay.
* Aluminum top with cut-out glass window
* Mirrored interior.
* Two glass shelves
* Integral electrical housing
* Light fixtures are UL-Approved
* Hardwired for direct connection to your AC wiring (no power-cord option)
* No On/Off Switch, but an electrician can wire an outlet to a light switch
* Made in the USA

Uses 2 x Standard-sized T5 fluorescent tubes that can be purchased from local hardware stores.

(31 15/16" x 25" x 5 3/8")
(81.1 cm x 63.5 cm x 13.7 cm")
85 pounds/case

This is a commercial-grade product made for the theater industry and is also available for home theaters.

Manufacturing time for these custom-made candy cases typically runs between 2-4 weeks.

* Ground-Only Delivery (curbside) for this product