Ceiling Acoustic Panels Standard Fabric

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Ceiling Acoustic Panels Standard Fabric
Ceiling Acoustic Panels Standard Fabric Description

Standard Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

AcoustiColor® Ceiling Clouds are contoured acoustic silhouettes that offer exceptional acoustical control in large open spaces. AcoustiColor Ceiling Clouds are lightweight and create a modern appearance combined with noise reduction and reverberation control. Stylish lines and soft shapes suspend horizontally from the ceiling and absorb sound across their entire surface for the best acoustical performance. Add exceptional sound absorption, superior aesthetics, and design flexibility that reflects your individual personality and style with AcoustiColor Ceiling Clouds.

  • The power of the cloud. Acoustic clouds are hung parallel to the ceiling allowing them to absorb sound waves at two points: as sound travels toward the ceiling and then as it bounces back to the floor - making it easier for you to hear what you want to hear.
  • Blend in or stand out. Choose from a variety of durable, high-quality acoustic fabrics to be tightly wrapped around the ceiling cloud with perfect folds in all the right places.
  • No wall space? No problem. These acoustical ceiling clouds are the perfect solution for offices, gymnasiums, restaurants, religious facilities and any other room where wall space is limited.
  • 1.0 NRC rating. A Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.0 means our clouds have the power to turn down the volume, absorbing 100% of the noise (on average), creating a much better sounding environment.
  • Eco-friendly sound absorption. Our patented eco-C-tex™ material is the greenest sound absorption material on earth.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Each acoustic cloud is assembled, with care, by the hands of our talented production team right here in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Easy installation. No need to save it for a rainy day. Simply place your four movable eye bolts into the mounting rail on the back of each ceiling cloud and use hanging cable to suspend them from any ceiling type, in any custom design you desire. Please note: hanging cable and ceiling attachments are not included.

CONTENT: Acoustic substrate- P.E.T. 10% - 30%, Recycled Cotton 70% - 90%, Fabric- Recycled polyester, Frame- 0.038in. Galvanized steel

COMPONENTS: Acoustic Substrate, Frame, Fabric, Eye Hook



SIZES: 2' x 4', 4' x 4' (custom sizes up to 4' x 8')

FINISH OPTIONS: Standard Designer and H.C. Fabrics, Images

EDGE STYLE: Straight

APPLICATION: Indoor/Ceiling

INSTALLATION: Eye Screw (included), Cable (not included)

HANDLING/CARE: When handling Acoustic Clouds make sure hands are clean and oil free. Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup

STORAGE: Acoustic Clouds must be stored in a dry place. Delivery Packaging is not ideal for storage purposes. It is advised to place a polyethylene cover over the stack when packaging is removed, to reduce moisture absorption. It is recommended that clouds be stored horizontally. It is recommended that clouds should not be stacked. It is strongly recommended to avoid storage longer than 6 months. Do not allow water to come into direct contact with the material during storage. Store in a cool dry space 55°f-85°f.


COLOR FASTNESS TO LIGHT: Grade 4 min. at 40 hours

COLOR FASTNESS TO ROCK: Grade 4 min. dry & Grade 3 min. wet



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