Home Theater Doors Double Usher Door

SKU: BOB0837


Wood-grain Upholstered

Home Theater Doors Double Usher Door

SKU: BOB0837
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Product description

Theater Usher Door - Double

Professional usher doors add a distinctive entrance to your movie theater. Featuring round porthole windows, push plates and 2-way swing action, or optional one-way swing.

Constructed of solid particle-board and covered with hardwood veneers. They not only look good, but help isolate the theater room sound. Includes plywood jambs and trim (i.e. casing).

Included and available for either 2x4 studs, 2x6 framing, or custom sizes.

Door Handle:
A Push-plate is standard on the inside and outside (Brass or Nickel).

Kick-Plates on the bottom of the door are optional.

Pivot Hinge:
Comes with spring-loaded, self-closing pivot hinge. Allow 1/8 to 1/4 inch above door for the Top Pivot Plate. Floor plate will attach to the bottom of the door and to the floor and will house the adjustable spring pivot.

Approximate Sizes:
Standard door sizes are available in 2 doors of the following sizes... 24, 28, 30, 32 or 36-inch widths x 80-inch high
Portholes: 12-inch diameter x 1/4-inch thick

How to determine door size:
Measure your door opening. The rough-opening width is generally 2" wider than the actual door (i.e. a 62-inch rough-opening would use 2 x 30-inch wide doors). The rough-opening (RO) height is generally 82" to 82.75" in height for a standard 80-inch high door (the RO size depends on flooring... i.e. carpet thickness).

What is my jamb-size / framing size:
2x4 Framing is generally 3.5" Wide plus 1/2" sheetrock on each side = 4.5" Wide
2x6 Framing is generally 5.5" Wide plus 1/2" sheetrock on each side = 6.5" Wide

Custom Door Sizes:
If you need a door that is not a standard size (but 36-in Wide or less), then specify one of these 2 in the Door Custom Size WxHxD (optional) text field below:
* Exact Door Size (W x H x D)
* Rough Opening Size (W x H x D)
NOTE: Depth refers to the Jamb-size... measured from Front of sheetrock to Back of sheetrock.

Available in 6 different wood grain finishes (see photo below).
Amerian Cherry
Honey Walnut
Indian Cherry
Scandia Maple
Special Mahogany
Vermont Maple

Note: Actual wood finish colors may vary from website colors. Light stains have maple wood grain and dark stains have birch wood grain. The finish is a pre-catalyzed lacquer and the finished product will have a clear coat.

Made in the USA.

Custom Sizes and Colors:
Wood Usher Door custom sizes, and/or custom colors painted to match your theater decor are also available. Please fill-out the gray Product Inquiry tab (below) and send us your custom door size, and/or paint brand (if known) and color for a price quote.

Manufacturing time for these custom-made wood usher doors typically runs between 2-4 weeks.

Ground-Only Delivery for this product. This item ships in a crate approximately 7.5-feet long and the freight couriers charge a oversize upcharge for delivery to a Residence. The upcharge does not apply to Businesses with a loading dock.

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