Arrowhead Home Theater Wall Sconce 13"


Arrowhead Home Theater Wall Sconce 13"

Product description

Arrowhead Home Theater Wall Sconce

This 13" wall mounted light is created by a custom Artisan in Los Angeles California. The sconce is 3 dimensional giving off dramatic depth to the wall. The home theater wall sconce is great for any room of your house especially the media room! UL Listed with an off-white finish. This makes it excellent for painting, just use any water-based paint, primer is not needed. Or simply choose one of our 40 different color variations.



Bosc Pear (1)
Believable Buff (2)
Universal Khaki (3)
Spalding Gray (4)
Creamy (5)
Totally Tan (6)
Latte (7)
Relic Bronze (8)
Overjoy (9)
Collonade Gray (10)
Undercool (11)
Dynamic Blue (12)
Lupine (13)
Lobelia (14)
Upward (15)
Denim (16)
Soulful Blue (17)
Bracing Blue (18)
Naval (19)
Honorable Blue (20)
Basil (21)
Lagoon (22)
Argyle (23)
Kendal Green (24)
Refresh (25)
Really Teal (26)
Still Water (27)
Tidewater (28)
Cocoon (29)
Turquish (30)
Red Bay (31)
White Dogwood (32)
Lotus Flower (33)
Priscilla (34)
Coral Bells (35)
Real Red (36)
Loveable (37)
Positive Red (38)
Chinese Red (39)
Pink Moment (40)

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