Movie Screen Fabric Cut-to-Size By Da-Lite (4x3 A.R.)

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Movie Screen Fabric Cut-to-Size By Da-Lite (4x3 A.R.)
Movie Screen Fabric Cut-to-Size By Da-Lite (4x3 A.R.) Description

Cut-to-Size Da-Lite Screen Fabric (4x3 Aspect Ratio)


Da-Lite screen fabric is ideal for those building your own Home Theater video screen.


You provide your own frame, but with one of Da-Lite's front-projection screen surfaces for optimal picture quality.


Available in any standard or custom size (measured edge-to-edge... not viewing size). If you would like a price quote on a custom size, please email us, or fill-out the Product Inquiry tab below.


Aspect Ratio is standard NTSC 4x3 = 1.33:1


* Black backing (adds rigidity and helps with light blockage from the back... see Screen Material choices)
* Black borders (sewn-on canvas binding... see SKU: DAL0458 for this option)
* Extended Edge borders (same material as Screen Fabric added to all 4 outside edges of screen as one seamless sheet of screen material).


Border Notes (i.e. Extended Edges):
If you plan to sew-on your own Velcro, or wrap your screen material around a wood frame and staple it, then you may want to consider adding 1.5 to 3-inches of Extended Edge border material around the fabric to maintain your desired viewing size.


Black borders shown in photo are for illustrative purposes only, and NOT available with Cut-to-Size screen fabrics.


Edge Border Size Example:
72" x 96" (120 in. diagonal) = No Edge Borders
76" x 100" (overall size) = Same screen with 2" Extended Edge Borders on all 4 sides


Fabric Size:
The Fabric Size is cut exactly to the dimensions chosen, so it is the Overall Size, unless you choose borders.
If you choose Extended Edge Borders, they will be Outside the chosen Fabric Size, so the fabric size becomes the Viewing Size.


All screen surfaces can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Surfaces are Flame retardant and mildew resistant.


Screen Fabrics:
You may choose from several different Screen Materials. Da-Mat is our most popular Front Projection Screen Fabric. We also offer Rear-Projection fabrics, Acoustically Transparent/Perforated fabrics and 3D projection material (NOTE: HD Progressive fabric is only available in Lace-and-Grommet screen material).


Q: Which Screen Material should I use?
A: Visit our Screen Fabric Selector

NOTE: ALL Da-Lite screens are Custom-Made to your specifications and typically take 3-7 business days for production. Sizes over 72-inches in Height ship via Ground Freight.

If you have ANY questions, please contact HT Mart BEFORE ordering.