Film Reel Wall Clock

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Film Reel Wall Clock
Film Reel Wall Clock Description

Our authentic film reel wall clocks add a bit of Hollywood flair to any home theater or any room for that matter!  Choose from a variety of sizes including 18 1/2", 20", 23 3/4", 30", and 38" as well as color options silver, chrome, and black.  These clocks are made from genuine 35mm film reels that have been re-designed and meticulously machined to become durable time pieces as well as pieces of art.  Your guests will love the "improvement" you've made to your home theater with one of these clocks!  See below for the unique features of each.

** All of our clocks operate on AA batteries.
** Genuine 35mm film reel design.
** Different sizes and finishes available.

Film Reel Wall Clock 18 1/2"
Core = 13” Foam, Hands = 8” Wedge

Film Reel Wall Clock 20"
Core = 15” Foam, Hands = 8 3/16” Spade

Film Reel Clock 23 3/4"
Core = 19” Foam, Hands = 10” Wedge

Film Reel Clock 30"
Core = 25” Foam, Hands = 14” Spade

Film Reel Clock 38"
Core = 33” Foam, Hands = 17 1/2” Wedge

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