Flag Mount Double Sided Personalized LED Sign

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Flag Mount Double Sided Personalized LED Sign
Flag Mount Double Sided Personalized LED Sign Description

The Flag Mount Personalized LED Sign is a great way to show off your own personal home theater room or media room. The Flag Mount model sticks out from your wall perpendicularly for maximum visibility of the text you add. This custom sign can have your name on it or the family name on it or anything else, it is a custom LED sign so get creative! The Flag Mount LED sign features a color changing remote with multiple colors included. The sign has different modes where you can either keep the sign on one color or you can have the sign go through a series of colors. Even speed it up or slow it down! 

20"H x 7"W
30"H x 9"W
40"H x 12"W

Goudy Old Style
St Showtune
Art Script

*Production Time: 7-10 Business Days
*Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days 

QUALITY CONTROL NOTE: Acrylic plastic is a very soft piece of material that needs to be handled very gently. Acrylic plastic is so soft even the tiniest piece of dust can put a minute scuff in the sign. Any scuff the size of a pinhead to 1/4" is normal and comes with buying these signs. The scuff can not be seen when standing back from the sign. If the scuff is over 1/4" and you can start to see it, please let us know.

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