Lacing Cord for Video Movie Screens

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Lacing Cord for Video Movie Screens
Lacing Cord for Video Movie Screens Description

Lacing Cord for Video Screens

Lacing Cord for attaching video screens to frames.

Idea for lace-and-grommet type screens with borders and fastener holes along the edges and a frame with eyelets.

Da-Lite Lacing Cord is available in 2 types:
1. Nylon Lacing Cord
2. Shock/Stretch Lacing Cord (black)

Which type should I choose?
1. Nylon Lacing Cord is preferred for fiberglass-based screens (such as Matte White) or rigid black-backed screens.
2. Shock (stretch) Lacing Cord is preferred for vinyl-based screens that need a lot of tension to keep them flat.

How To Calculate Cord Length:
* If you have an old cord that you are replacing, measure its length from end to end.
* If you do not have an existing cord, then estimate 1.5 ft cord per foot of frame.
(note: round-up if necessary)

Frame is 16-foot Long x 9-foot High.
Frame sides total: 16 + 9 + 16 + 9 = 50 feet
50 feet x 1.5 = 75 feet (estimated cord length)

Lace and Grommet Frames and screens are not included and are available for sale separately.