Lighted Movie Poster Case

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Lighted Movie Poster Case
Lighted Movie Poster Case Description

Lighted Movie Poster Case with Chaselights

Made here in the USA, our indoor lightboxes have been thoroughly tested for optimum light distribution and easy poster removal.

All of our lightboxes are made with the highest quality anodized aluminum in a sleek black finish with precision mitered corners. These are simply the finest looking poster lightboxes available anywhere!

Illumination is provided by 4 energy efficient, cool running fluorescent bulbs. The bulbs offer even light distribution for your movie posters. A small low-profile rocker switch on the bottom means you'll never have to unplug your lightbox to turn it off.

To open:
There is a thin, black metal border that runs along all 4 sides of the poster opening (front outside edge). Simply get your fingers under the inside edge of each of these spring-loaded metal borders and lift outward. Do this to all 4 sides. Then you can remove the clear plexi and diffuser and sandwich the poster between the two. See Snap-Lock close-up photo below.

* All aluminum construction in a sleek black finish
* The spring loaded Quad-Lock frame means effortless, no-tool poster changes
* Comes complete with white acrylic diffuser and clear poster cover
* Exterior dimensions: 29"w x 42"h x 5.5"d
* Front frame border edge width: Approximately 1 inch
* Weight: Approximately 35 pounds
* Accommodates 27" x 40"/41" Movie Posters
* UL & CSA Certified

To Mount:
Locate the studs in the wall that you are mounting the poster case to. Carefully remove the fluorescent tube lamps from the back of the unit and drill directly through the unit into the wall (mounting hardware not included).

This movie poster case is hard-wired only with ballast and electrical wiring toward the bottom of the unit.

Replacement Acrylic Sheets (Overlay Set) are available separately... see SKU: HCP0858