Movie Reel Theater Home Set

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Movie Reel Theater Home Set
Movie Reel Theater Home Set Description

Natural Movie Reel Theater Home Set

Our vintage movie reel theater home set made by Goldberg Brothers is the perfect complement to your home theater!  These sets come with three genuine movie film reels that are in every way, just like the real thing!  In addition, each set includes 20 feet of 35mm to drape, hang or decorate your film reels any way you'd like!  Sturdy, durable and built to last, you can rest assured that this set of film reels with last just as long as your home theater.  Add a touch of cinematic nostalgia to your home theater with this authentic reel set today!


What's included:

* (1) 18 1/2” Alum Flange 35MM Silver Hammertone

* (1) 13 3/4” Steel Teardrop 16MM Lab Gray

* (1) 9 1/4” Steel Teardrop 16MM Lab Gray

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