Movie Reel Weather Station

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Movie Reel Weather Station
Movie Reel Weather Station Description

Movie Reel Weather Station

Our movie reel weather station made by Goldberg Brothers, is a functional work of art!  This weather station is available free-standing and is perfect for desks, shelves, mantels, or tables.  It's also easily convertible for wall mounting.  The instruments that make up this weather station include: clock, barometer (air pressure), thermometer, and hygrometer (humidity/moisture levels).  We offer three different color combinations of this weather station and we're confident that you'll find each one of these to be the perfect compliment to your work study, living room, or home theater!



* 10.5" x 35mm aluminum split reel

* Base = 7" x 16mm steel teardrop reel with faux film core and authentic film outer edge

* Authentic film strip edge

* Split-reel front flange spins off for easy access to the instruments

* Black connecting bar is included with each color choice

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