Neon Popcorn Sign Popper Topper Benchmark 91001

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Neon Popcorn Sign Popper Topper Benchmark 91001
Neon Popcorn Sign Popper Topper Benchmark 91001 Description

Neon Popcorn Topper - Neon Popcorn Sign

This Sculptured Neon Sign is sure to draw attention and sales to any Popcorn Machine! Also looks great on a display shelf in a Home Theater!

Adding the Popcorn Topper will create an exciting environment in your movie theater lobby, or any other place of business.

Installs in just minutes:
Simply set it on the popper and plug it in.

It comes complete with a 12-volt adapter, 6-foot cord and plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet while drawing only 11-watts.

* The base has an ON/OFF switch for ease of use.

11" Wide x 12" High.
Sculpture base: 5-1/2" in Diameter.
Weight: 2 pounds

This sign is large enough to draw attention and yet small enough to be placed on a popper, shelf, or counter-top. The Popcorn Topper comes with a Three-Year manufacturer warranty.

* NOTE: Popcorn Machines are not included and are available separately.