Movie Poster Light Box with Chase Lights

SKU: URS0322

Movie Poster Light Box with Chase Lights

SKU: URS0322
Product description

Illuminated Marquee Poster Case with Chase Lights (PC-MARQ)

Made in the USA, our lightboxes have been thoroughly tested for optimum light distribution and ease of poster removal. This beautiful authentic movie marquee offers an overall dimension of 37.5""w x 50""h x 5.5""d.

All of our lightboxes are made with the highest quality anodized aluminum in a sleek black finish with precision mitered corners. These are simply the finest-looking poster lightboxes available anywhere!

Illumination is provided by a series of 48 flashing bulbs (configured as 2-point chase lights).. these bulbs alternate on and off to give the appearance of rotation (see sample animation below). There are also 2 energy-efficient, cool running LED bulbs that offer even light distribution. A small low-profile rocker switch on the bottom means you'll never have to unplug your lightbox to turn it off.

A 3-prong power cord comes out near the bottom-center of the case. The on/off power switch is located next to the power cord on the case bottom and turns the chase lights/fluorescent bulbs on and off together. Optionally, the case may be custom hardwired with a pigtail coming out the center-back (if you need another location, please let us know).

To open:
There is a thin, black metal border that runs along all 4 sides of the poster opening. Simply get your fingers under each of these spring-loaded metal borders and lift outward (see photo below). Do this to all 4 sides. Then you can remove the clear plexi and diffuser and sandwich the poster between the two.

To hang:
Simply open the case and drill 2 holes through the metal back that correspond to the spacing of the studs in your walls (typically 16-inches apart). Then use 2 long screws (2.5 - 3 inch) to secure the case to the wall. Can be customized for ceiling mounting with optional D-Rings on top and with a finished back or custom made double-sided with chase lights and posters on both sides.

* All aluminum construction in a sleek black finish
* The spring loaded Quad-Lock frame means effortless, no-tool poster changes
* Comes complete with clear acrylic diffuser and clear poster cover
* Utilizes 7-Watt miniature screw-in clear bulbs (included)
* Exterior dimensions: 37.5""w x 50""h x 5.5""d
* Approximate weight: 30 pounds
* Accommodates 27"" x 40""/41"" Movie Posters
* Custom Sizes for 24"" x 36"" Movie Posters and other sizes are available
* 1-year manufacturer warranty
* UL & CSA Certified

* Posters not included.

50 Chase bulbs (approximately 7.5 watts each) = 187.5 Watts (half of the lights on at any one time)
2 Florescent Tubes (48-inch, Type T8, 32 watts each) = 64 Watts
Draws about 2.2 Amps
Standard US outlet 110/120-Volts

Ships via Ground Freight.

Contact Us for Large Quantity orders for pricing and stock.

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