Shattered Acoustic Panel 2 Pack

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Shattered Acoustic Panel 2 Pack
Shattered Acoustic Panel 2 Pack Description

Audimute® Tileable Shattered Acoustic Panel, combines aesthetics with high performance acoustic treatment. Audimute panels are a great echo absorber at an nrc of .95 and higher. Tileable Shattered Acoustic Panels are made with eco-C-tex® our eco-friendly sound absorption material. They are precision cut for greater performance. 

Audimute® Tileable Shattered Acoustic Panels are available in multiple colors and custom colors upon request. 

Bring your wall art ideas to life by adding Audimute Acoustic Panels to your office, family room, home theater or any other room with acoustic issues. They are perfect for adding an artistic touch to your home office space in addition to promoting a positive acoustic environment. Audimute acoustic panels are are great for commercial spaces too! Build your acoustic design in high traffic areas to bring a designer look that helps to reduce the busy sounds of your space.

Give one of our acoustic design specialists a call at 866-553-4600 to discuss your wall art ideas.

Audimute Tileable Shattered Acoustic Panels are:
High performance sound absorption - perfect for mid and high frequency sound absorption
2" thickness: NRC .95 

Quick and simple Installation
Class A fire rated- ASTM E -84
USA Made
Customizable- Choose your color

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