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Theater Concession Signs 


Help your guests and/or customers find where they’re going and what they need with the help of our theater concession signs.  Suggest a meal or a quick snack by sign and steer people towards cotton candy, hot dogs, nachos, pizza, popcorn, snow cones, and more!  These authentic signs make for great additions to any home theater or cinema and really provide and prove how real the power of suggestion can be. 

All of Home Theater Mart’s theater concession signs are bright and colorful and most are available in either LED or neon lighting options.  Our signs come complete with hanging kits and include the necessary hardware to hang or install your signs.  The frames of the concession signs are extremely tough and durable as well, made of rugged aluminum.  So what do you feel like serving at your theater?  Find the perfect sign today! 


Theater Concession Signs Products

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