Theater Ropes & Posts

Turn your home theater to the real deal with a set of velvet ropes and posts!  These popular accessories add a touch of authenticity to your entertainment setup and are the genuine article that you’d find at movie premieres, etc.  While the material is actually made of velour, these ropes look and feel like velvet ropes.  Our category list features luxurious velvet ropes and stands that are durable and functional.  Browse our movie theater ropes today to find more ways to decorate!

Home Theater Mart’s velvet ropes & posts are available in a variety of styles and colors designed to match any decor.  Choose a set of theatre ropes that will add class to your own home theater and have your guests believe that your media room is just like a real cinema.  These posts and velvet ropes are also great for crowd control and forming lines.  Inside or outside, the theater ropes work great!


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