7 Watt Light Bulbs (50-pack)

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7 Watt Light Bulbs (50-pack)
7 Watt Light Bulbs (50-pack) Description

Bass Marquees - Extra Light Bulbs (50-pack)

Now you can order replacement light bulbs for your BASS products!

** For use with the following BASS Products:

Grand Marquee Cinema Sign (59000/CSGRA) - see SKU: HCA0337
Premiere Marquee - Rear Lit Poster Marquee (PMPRE) - see SKU: HCA0142
Premiere Series - Rear Lit Poster Case (PCPRE) - see SKU: HCA0343
Hollywood Cinema Identity Sign (59006/Hollywood) - see SKU: HCA0618
Classic Cinema Identity Sign (59003/CINESIS) - see SKU: HCA0336
Deluxe Ticket Booth - see SKU: HCA0801
Headliner Marquee (PMHEA) - see SKU: HCA0815

Bulb Type:
7-watt miniature clear bulbs (110-Volt)

Bulb Base:
Candelabra base (screw-in).

NOTE: This product is non-returnable.

Only Available in Packs of 50. (Example: Quantity 2 = 100 bulbs). Buy 2-or-More Packs and SAVE!

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