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Remote Control Apps:


Beacon by Griffin Technology:
Dijit Remote with NextGuide TV Show Guide with Netflix Listings

(For Bang & Olufsen hardware)

Control It All-Remote:
(For use with the Control It All Transceiver Unit by MiCommand Inc.)

Direct Remote (99¢):
(For DirecTV receivers)

(iPhone DVR Scheduler app)
DIRECTV App for iPad:

DirectVR Lite Remote:
(For DirecTV set-top boxes model H21, HR20, or Genie System)
DirectVR Touch Remote (99¢):

DISH Anywhere:
(For use with a Dish Network receiver)

DVR Remote - ($2.99):
(For TiVo Series 3 or TiVo Premier DVRs)

(For FLPR iPhone Universal Remote by New Potato Technologies with 30-pin iDevice connector)

Google TV Remote:

iR Universal Remote Control:
(For use with the iRed Transmitter from Numbert fits audio port on your iDevice)

(Compatible with Sonos, Onkyo-Integra, Z-Wave lights, Global Cache products, etc.)

iWavit TV Pro ($4.99):
(For use with iWavit IR transmitter by ThinkOptics Inc.)

L5 Remote:
(For IR Remote dongle plugs into 30-pin connector on iOS Device)
L5 Remote SD:

Harmony Control:
Logitech Harmony Link:

Peanut Remote & Keyboard for TiVo DVR:
Peanut Plus Remote & Keyboard for TiVo DVR ($1.99):

Peel Personalized TV Experience:
(For use with the Peel pear-shaped Wi-Fi to IR converter)

Re Universal Remote Control:
(For use with the Re IR Accessory by NewKinetix with 30-pin iDevice connector)

(For use with the RedEye IR remote by ThinkFlood)
RedEye mini:
(For RedEye Mini IR remote that plugs into Headphone Jack on iOS Device)

Remote Bean:
(Note: Requires Brim or Satechi ST-URB1 IR transmitter dongle for iDevice 3.5mm audio port)

Roomie Remote ($9.99):
(For use with iTach wired or WiFi to IR converters)

SQ Remote HD ($9.99):
(For use with SQ Blaster by Square Connect)
SQ Remote LITE:

(For use with the IR-blaster Surc Case for iPhone)

(For use with the iRed Transmitter from Numbert fits audio port on your iDevice)

(Note: Enable the "Network Remote Control" setting on your TiVo box)

Total Control Remote Edition ($39.99):
(For L5 dongle, HTX, or Global Cache)

(For UnityRemote IR-blaster by Gear4)

CC Control

(For use with your AT&T U-verse DVR)
U-verse Easy Remote:

Verizon FiOS:
(note: requires FiOS TV DVR or FiOS Internet with Verizon-supplied router)

(For use with XFINITY TV and DVR)
X1 Remote (Exclusively for the X1 platform):

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HDTV Manufacturer Apps:

(D-ILA Video Projector remote control and calibration app)

LG TV Remote:
LG Bluetooth Remote:

TV Control:
iWavit Mitsubishi:

VIERA remote:
VIERA remote2:

Samsung SmartView:
Samsung TV Media Player ($2.99):

SHARP AQUOS Remote Control:

Sharp Smart Remote:

Smart TV Remote:

Sony Corporation
Media Remote for iPhone:

Toshiba A/V Remote:

iWavit Vizio:

iWavit Westinghouse:

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A/V Receiver (AVR) Control Apps:

Denon Remote App:

Harman Kardon Remote:

Integra Remote:

Marantz Remote App:

Onkyo Remote:
Onkyo Remote 2:

oRemote ($4.99):
(For wireless control of your network-enabled Onkyo or Integra receiver)

Panasonic Stereo System Remote 2012:


Sony Corporation
AV Receiver Remote:

(App for AVENTAGE RX-Series AVRs)
AV Controller - US:

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Blu-ray Player Apps:

BD Touch Remote:
(Unlock bonus content on your Blu-ray discs)

LG AV Remote:
LG Remote for Audio & Video Devices:

OPPO Remote:

Panasonic Blu-ray Remote 2012:
Panasonic Theater Remote 2012:
(Create customized sound for your Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Home Theater player)

Pioneer ControlApp:

Pocket BLU:

SHARP AQUOS Blu ray Control App:

Media Remote for iPhone:
TV SideView:

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Streaming Media Player Apps:

Apple TV

Air Video - Watch your videos anywhere!
Air Video Free:
Air Video ($2.99):

Belkin @TV for iPhone and iPod touch ($12.99):
(For use with Belkin @TV hardware)

Boxee Remote:

Boxee, Plex & XBMC remote:

iMediaShare Lite - Video on TV:
iMediaShare - Video on TV:

Logitech Harmony for Logitech Revue:

Xbox SmartGlass:

NeoTV Remote:
(Remote control app for the NeoTV Streaming Player)

Remote HD ($7.99):
Mac/PC/AppleTV remote:
Remote HD Lite ($1.99):

Remote Lite for Roku by SavvyBud:
Remote for Roku by SavvyBud (99¢):
Remote for Roku (99¢):

Roku Remote:

Romote: A Roku Player Remote (99¢):
(WiFi remote for Roku 2 streaming devices)

Roxio Streamer:
(Requires Toast 10 Titanium software...

Seagate Technology - GoFlex Access:
Seagate Technology - TV Remote:
(Control your GoFlex TV/Free Agent Theater+ HD media player)

(Share videos and control Apple TV at the same time)

SlingPlayer for iPhone ($14.99):
(For use with Slingbox)

VLC Remote Free:
(Remotely control your Media Player on your Mac or PC)
VLC Streamer Free:
(Stream movies from your computer to your iDevice)
VLC Streamer ($1.99):

Western Digital
WD TV Remote:
(iPhone/iPad remote for your WD TV Live Hub or WD TV Play media player)
WD TV Live Media ($2.99):

(Xbox Media Center - An open-source media player and entertainment hub)
Official XBMC Remote:
XBMC Commander free:
XBMC Commander ($2.99):
XBMC Media Player ($2.99):
XBMC Remote ($2.99):
Video Stream - Watch Movies & TV Shows over the Air! ($2.99)

(For use wiht the AnyPlay media streamer)


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Home Automation Apps:

(For use with AMX installations)
AT&T Digital Life:
(Home security and home automation services with smartphone control)

(For use with the ClareHome automation system)
Clare Controls:

Compass Control:
(For use with Master Controller for Compass Control by Key Digital)

Control 4
(For use with at Control4 automation system)
Control4 MyHome - iPhone version:
Control4 MyHome - iPad version:

(For use with 3rd-party hardware)

(For use with a Crestron home control system)
Crestron Mobile:
Crestron Mobile Pro ($99.99):

Dune HD RC:
(For use with Dune HD media players and set-top boxes)
My Dune Remote:

Elan g! Entertainment & Control System: Total Home Control
(For use with a Elan g! System)
g!Mobile 6:!mobile-6/id569207268?mt=8
g!Mobile 5:!mobile-5/id514432655?mt=8

(For use with Home Automation Inc (HAI) control systems)
(HAI Home Theater Extender 2 for the HAI HTX2 Home Theater Extender system)
SnapLink Mobile for iPhone ($24.99):

Haiku Home Automation for HAI ($49.99)
(For use with HAI Home Automation controllers)

Total Connect 2.0:
(Home security and home automation services with smartphone control)
Total Connect Comfort:

Indigo Touch:
(For use with X10/Insteon hardware)

INSTEON for Hub:

INSTEON for SmartLinc:

Iris by Lowe's:
(For use with Iris Home Automation Systems by Lowes)

iSmart At Home - Lite Version:
(For use with iSmart Dimmer/Appliance module)

iSmartHouse V2:
(For use with the Intelvision SmartUnity home automation system)

(For use with RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS control systems)
Lutron Home Control+ Sales Tool:
Lutron Home Control+ ($19.99):

(For use with a Meridian Digital Media System)
Core Control:

Nest Mobile:
(For use with the Nest Learning Thermostat)

On Controls ($1.99)
(For use with 3rd-party hardware)

(For use with a Pro Control ProlLink.z or ProLink.r control processor)

(For use with a Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) control system)

(For use with a Russound C-Series Multiroom Audio System)
My Russound ($9.99):

Savant Lite:
Savant Keypad Studio: Savant TrueControl: Savant TrueControl II:

SmartThings Mobile:
(For use with a SmartThings Hub)

Somfy Systems, Inc.
(For use with a TaHomA: Total Home Automation system)
TaHomA HD ($29.99):

Vantage Home Control:
(For use with Vantage InFusion home control systems)

(For use with WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion by Belkin)

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Misc. Home Theater Apps:

AudioCalc ($2.99): 

(For Home Theater Designers)

AudioTools - By Studio Six Digital ($19.99):
(AudioTools is a suite of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps)

Decibel (99¢):

Decibel 10th:


Decibel Ultra:

DVD Previews (99¢):
(Scan your DVD UPC to Watch a Preview of the Movie)

Fayve - Watch Movies & TV on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Xfinity, Redbox, Vudu, Crackle and more

(Browse movies + UltraViolet streaming app)
Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes:

(Discover what to watch on TV via a 2nd-screen experience)

HDTV and Home Theatre Podcast:

Home Theater Assisstant:

Home Theater DIY ($1.99):

Home Theater Forum:

Home Theater + Bonus (99¢):
(Learn the Secrets of Creating Your Own Home Movie Theater)

Home Theater Shack - Forums:

IMDb Movies & TV:
(Internet Movie Database)

IMDb Trivia:

ISF HDTV Professional Calibrator Grayscale Optical Comparator ($9.99):

(A TV Guide that Finds TV Shows and Movies)

Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS:

Paramount Movies:
(For use with UltraViolet movies):

Plex ($4.99):

Projectionist ($3.99):
(Video Projector Lens Caclulator for professional AV technicians)

SANSUS Install Kit:
SANSUS Install Tool Kit (for iPad):

SpeakerAngle (99¢):
(Optimal speaker toe-in angle app for Genelex speakers)

SPL Meter (99¢):

STAYConnect Mobile:
(Control the in-room hotel TV – channels, volume, on/off, stream trailers, order VOD by LodgeNet)

The Real SPL Meter:

THX tune-up:

TV-Tools ($1.99):

(Ultimate Ears SPL tool by Logitech)

VideoCalc ($1.99):
(For Home Cinema Installers)

X10 Commander ($9.99):

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