Acrylic Sign for Stanchion Home Theater Post

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Acrylic Sign for Stanchion Home Theater Post
Acrylic Sign for Stanchion Home Theater Post Description

Acrylic Signs for Theater Posts

These vertical acrylic signs are designed to fit our sign brackets for our crowd-control posts.

Message Options:
* Stock Signs (typically in-stock)
* Pre-printed Signs (not in-stock, popular pre-formatted text layouts, estimated 1 week)
* Custom Signs (production-time estimated at 1-2 weeks)
* Blank Signs

Custom Signs:
The text layout is determined based on the size of the sign and the number of words and characters, at the sole discretion of the engraver. If you have a preferred text layout, please let us know at the time of your order.

Custom Text:
Overall 50 characters MAXIMUM... about 9 letters per line max and 5 lines maximum. Shorter is better.

Blank Signs:
Ideal if you have your own stick-on vinyl letter kit.

Sign Size:
7" W x 11" H x 1/4" D (Vertical orientation)

Choice of Color:
Standard Stock Sign Colors: Black (33), Blue (23), and Red (21)
Pre-printed Sign Colors (contact us first): Green (28), White (32), Ivory (34), Yellow (35), Gray (36) and Brown (46)
(note: Actual colors may vary from website colors)

Price is per sign.

NOTE: Requires Sign Bracket (sold separately)... see SKU: LMP1263