1. How To Pick The Perfect Room For Your Home Theater

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To have a home theater, you must have room for a home theater. The first thing to consider when looking at your home theater room size is how many people you want to accommodate. The larger the gatherings you’re planning, the more space you’ll need. 

The ideal space for a home theater is 20 feet long by 15 feet wide and relatively isolated from the rest of the house. "It has to be in a place that does not interrupt the business of the home," says Rob Rickel, president of RSR Custom Renovations and Additions. "You don't want the sound disturbing everyone."

Good options include:

  • Building a theater wing off the family room
  • Converting a basement or large attic into a theater room
  • Closing in the open second-story space above a formal living room
  • Converting a spare bedroom that's at least 15 by 12 feet.

Remember: Don’t forget to include space for things like your home theater equipment and optional pieces of furniture like a bar, tables, a concession stand, ticket booth, or movie decor, because you may find your home theater setup feels a bit cramped if you opt to go smaller than the standard 20 by 13 ft minimum home theater room size.


Finally, drawing up a simple floor plan for what you are looking for is a great idea. Without a well planned design, the complications that will arise can be frustrating.


If you are looking for more home theater layout tips, check out this great article by the guys over at projectortop.com!

Really what it comes down to is making sure YOU are comfortable with the space you choose, because in the end it is your space and your media room, and you never know what kind of awesome home theater design YOU might be able to pull out of that imagination of yours.

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