Interactive LED Star Ceiling Panels

SKU: SKS2001
$1,999 $2,299
Acoustic panels with fiber-optic stars simulating the night sky. They come with their own app which can be used to control them directly or connect them to a home automation system.
Product Highlights

Immersive Stargazing Experience

Full Range App Control

3rd Party Control Compatible

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COVERAGE: Standard (2 of 4x4 panels)
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Product Details

Standard panels sizes:

  • 2x2 ft.
  • 2x4 ft.
  • 4x4 ft. (most popular)
  • 4x8 ft.

All panels are 1 in. thick.

Input Power, Connector: DC 12V @ 300mA, RJ45 or Barrel Jack
Operating Temp: 0°C ~ 85°C
Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 65% RH
Communication Standard: Control Interface required for RS232
Output, Connector: Connector w/ Power, RJ45
Size: Standard Sizes listed, Custom Available
Stars (points of light): 7-10 per sq. foot, Custom Available

Interactive LED Star Ceiling Panels
$1,999 $2,299

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