Contour Lumina Movie Poster Case ETS-25

SKU: HCA0363

Contour Lumina Movie Poster Case ETS-25

SKU: HCA0363
Product description

Perhaps there are few things that are inspiring as graphics or artwork – these collectibles are often the most precious things and instead of keeping them rolled up in the closet it is important to display them. When that is the case, the best way to give these collectibles the spotlight they deserve is with a backlit light box display case. One of the best of these varieties are the Contour Lumina ETS-25 Lockable Lightboxes.

Whether you are a private collector with an impressive trove of amazing graphics or a business owner who needs graphics and other types of art work to give a certain space a bit more flair, there is no substitute for having the right display case. In fact, when these graphics and other types of memorabilia are displayed within cases the connotation you emit is one of class thanks to keeping your graphics encased in Contour Lumina ETS-25 Lockable Lightboxes. With tons of different styles, finishes, and even colors, there’s a backlit light box display case for every type of space.

As you can see, all your different collectibles, memorabilia, and graphics will be perfectly spotlighted thanks to having the right backlit light box display case. In fact, when you have your graphics prominently displayed, the light boxes actually add value to your collectibles – that’s something that no one would ever object to. As you review the different light boxes, some things to notice are the different ways that you can get power – there’s the plug, hard wiring, perfect for allowing you to put your graphics and collectibles in the space where you’d like them to be instead of having to compromise.

Keeping your graphics properly displayed is much easier than you think, simply find the right light boxes and you will derive great enjoyment from seeing something you enjoy so elegantly displayed.

Overall Dimensions: 37" x 51" x 4"
Weight: 50 lbs.
Backlighting: LED
Electrical Specs: 120/277 volts, .98 amps, 50/60 hertz
Fits Poster Size: 27" x 40", 27" x 41"
Location: Indoor/Outdoor(NOT WEATHER PROOF)
Production Time: 15-20 Business Days

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