Neon Popcorn Sign Popper Topper Benchmark 91001

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Popcorn Neon Movie Theater LED Sign

Neon Popcorn Sign Popper Topper Benchmark 91001

This Sculptured Neon Sign is sure to draw attention and sales to any Popcorn Machine! Also looks great on a display shelf in a Home Theater!

Adding the Popcorn Topper will create an exciting environment in your movie theater lobby, or any other place of business. This sign is large enough to draw attention and yet small enough to be placed on a popper, shelf, or counter-top. 

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  • Installs in just minutes
  • It comes complete with a 12-volt adapter, 6-foot cord and plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet while drawing only 11-watts
  • The base has an ON/OFF switch for ease of use.
  • Popcorn Machines are not included and are available separately.


11" Wide x 12" High.
Sculpture base: 5-1/2" in Diameter.
Weight: 2 pounds

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