Regal Movie Poster Light Box TS-35

SKU: HCA0380

Regal Movie Poster Light Box TS-35

SKU: HCA0380
Product description

It may be factually inaccurate to call gold the most expensive precious metal. Though that honor goes to platinum, gold is widely regarded as a standard for excellence, and that’s the reason the Academy Awards’ statue is gold – because it communicates unparalleled excellence. How does that relate to your work in the entertainment business? Think of the gold standard – it’s the idea what you do has to be head and shoulders above the rest, and a great way to subconsciously drive home this idea with your customers is to use gold light boxes for your graphics.

When you see Regal TS-35 Open Faced Light Boxes at an entertainment venue like a theater, playhouse, or even a comedy club, what you are seeing is a business that is showing itself to be a step above the competition. This type of unspoken message is critical to helping your business gain success and traction in a crowded marketplace. The message sent by these gold light boxes to your customers is that when they take their seats, the experience will be unlike any other they have experiences, and in the future these customers will be more inclined to come back when you deliver and exceed their expectations.

These gold light boxes are available in an assortment of sizes, finishes, and different accent colors. You can truly have customized Regal TS-35 Open Faced Light Boxes that will do a great job of showing how impressive your venue is along with giving the acts that grace your screen or stage the proper respect that they deserve. There are many reasons that people choose golden items, but when you choose these light boxes, what you are doing is making a significant investment not just in your business, but in the message that your business sends to the people who pass through your turnstiles.

Overall Dimensions: 44" x 60 1/2" x 4"
Weight: 50 lbs.
Backlighting: LED (Call for fluorescent) 
Electrical Specs: 120/277 volts, 1.5 amps, 50/60 hertz
Fits Poster Size: 27" x 40", 27" x 41"
Location: Indoor
Production Time: 15-20 Business Days

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