Royal Series Movie Poster Light Box

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Two-Tone Glamorous Movie Poster Display

Royal Series Movie Poster Light Box

The Royal Series Movie Poster Light Box features stunning smooth, polished, rounded sides and a two-tone finish. Draw attention to your prized movie posters with this eye-catching back-lit poster case. The case also features a Bass-Loc snap open frame in the center to hold your movie poster.

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  • Custom Finish Options
  • Easy to Install
  • Power Switch Option
  • Heavy extruded anodized aluminum case frame
  • Aluminum Back
  • Indoor use only
  • LED lighting for rear illumination
  • Front-loading snap open/close Bassloc frame


    Approximate Size: 36" W x 49" H x 4" D

    Fits Poster Size:

    • 27" x 40"
    • 27" x 41"  

      Case Finish Choices

      • Satin Gold
      • Satin Silver
      • Matte Black

      Side(s) Finish Choices

      • Polished Gold
      • Polished Silver
      • Polished Black

      Frame Finish Choices

      • Satin Silver
      • Satin Gold
      • Polished Silver
      • Polished Gold
      • Black

      Electrical Wiring

      • 3-Prong Power Cord or
      • Hardwired for Direct Wiring into your AC power lines by a qualified electrician.

      Hardwired: You decide where to drill a small hole out the back of the case. Your electrician feeds the wires through the hole and connects them to the internal junction box.

      3-Prong Power Cord: Choose your cord length and the location where you would like the cord to come out of the case.

      Recessed Outlet: If you would like to hang the poster case over a recessed outlet, then choose 3-Prong Power Cord (coiled-up inside) so you can cut a hole in the back of the case directly over your outlet, and run the cord out the hole.

      Switch: An On/Off power switch is available at no additional charge.

      To Mount

      • Simply open the case and drill 2 holes through the metal back that correspond to the spacing of the studs in your walls (typically 16-inches apart).
      • Then use at least 2 long screws (2.5 - 3 inch) to secure the case to the wall.

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