Standard Upholstered Home Theater Door Panel

SKU: HTI0838
Bring the authentic movie theater feel to your home theater with an Upholstered Home Theater Door Panel.  It easily mounts to any existing door and does not require the removal of the doorknob. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT DOORS - If you do not own a door (or doors) already, you can either purchase our Usher Doors instead, or buy a solid core door from a vender that sells them and attach this panel to it. Also Note: Although the Upholstered Door Panel transforms any door into the look and feel of a beautiful, commercial movie theater usher door, it is approximately 4" smaller on all four sides so they do not interfere with existing door handles. See our Premium Upholstered Home Theater Door Panel if you want full coverage.
Product Highlights

Easy to Mount

Tufted Vinyl Fabric is Upholstered Over a 1" Thick Foam Board

Customizable Vinyl Color

Able to Add A Door Pull

Customize Your Product
PANEL SET: Single (1 panel per set)
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Standard Upholstered Home Theater Door Panel

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