Classic Stanchion Home Theater Post

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Classic Stanchion Home Theater Post
Classic Stanchion Home Theater Post Description

Classic Portable Post (formerly Standard Portable Post)

The Classic is one of our most popular posts for guiding traffic.

Made from solid steel or brass the Classic is available with the Traditional (domed) base for an elegant look or the Universal base for a more contemporary feel.

The universal loop allows ropes to be connected in 4 directions and is forged rather than sand cast for incredible durability.

* Solid steel or brass construction
* Extra-thick metal tubing
* Cast iron weight bases for maximum stability
* Forged (not sand cast) loops for strength where rope connects
* Removable screw insert to accommodate a full range of sign holders (see Tapped below)
* Super heavyweight option available
* Manufacturer Warranty

Classic Posts are available in the following custom finishes (see photo above):
(note: Actual colors may vary from website colors)

These finishes are typically ready in 1 week:
1P Polished Chrome
1S Satin Chrome
2P Polished Brass

These finishes are typically ready in 2-3 weeks:
2S Satin Brass
6 English Antique Brass
8 Statuary Bronze
21 Colorific Red
23 Colorific Mid Blue
28 Colorific Green
32 Colorific White
33G Colorific Black
33S Satin Black
40 Burgundy
64 Silver Vein
65 Gold Vein
89 Black Wrinkle

Base Options (see images above):
Traditional (T) Base: Domed design
Universal (U) Base: Near flat tapered design

Tapped Options:
If you think you may later need a Sign Frame or Sign Bracket on top, then choose the tapped (threaded) hole option.
Sign Brackets are available here... see SKU: LMP1263
Acrylic Signs for Theater Posts are available here...see SKU: LMP1416

Rubber Floor Protectors (style may vary).

Height = 36.50 inches
Base Dia. = 11.50-in (T) or 13.50-in (U)
Tube O.D. = 2 inch
Weight = 32 pounds (T), or 25 pounds (U)

Maximum Recommended Rope Length = 6-ft (U), 7-ft (T)

Note: Posts are sold individually and Rope is available separately.
Velour Rope is available here... see SKU: LMP0427

Each Post is custom-made-to-order. Ships from factory in New York (see production-time estimates above).