Star Ceilings

All Fiber Optic Star Ceilings contain approximately 3 fibers per square foot using three different size fibers, .75, 1.0 and 1.5 mm. Optional background (Milkyway Galaxy)stars use .5 mm fibers. The use of the background fibers make for a more realistic looking sky. Tiles are for Drop (Suspended) Ceilings. Panels can be attached to any regular ceiling (Drywall or Plaster).

Tiles are available from 2’X2’ to 4’X8’and designed to fit a suspended ceiling grid system. You can combine tiles to cover as large an area as desired. 4’X4’, 4’X6’ and 4’X8’ full size tiles can be placed by removing cross members from grid system.

Panels can be attached to any ceiling. A Basic 4’X4’ or 4’X8’ Panel can be installed singularly or in a multiple panel layouts. You can add your own trim if desired. To cover an entire ceiling you can combine multiple Panels. Multiple panel ceilings may need to have a custom price quote. They are also available in 4’ round, 4’X8’ oval and 4’X 8’ straight or straight with rounded corners with unfinished (unpainted) trim. All single Panels come with an Easy mount Bracket.

Please do not hesitate to call us for more assistance on the Star Ceiling sizing and pricing.